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    Default Another Collapsed Deck

    Short article from San Francisco about another deck that collapsed. Fortunately, no deaths but two were taken to the hospital.

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    Default Re: Another Collapsed Deck

    Not the same but we had a roof collapse from snow load at our local Sonic restaurant. Damaged some cars but no injuries. Been a lot of snow here this year.

    Jim Robinson
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    Default Re: Another Collapsed Deck

    It is unbelievable what some people consider to be ok when it comes to their decks. Here is one I saw last week.

    Deck Fail 3.jpg
    Deck Fail 2.jpg

    As you can see from the photos the center girder was completely inadequate for the span so this homeowner decided he would rig it up. Also, notice how the floor joists have no joist hangers, no ledger strip and are beginning to pull away from the band board. I warned the homeowner not to let many people on the deck at once for fear of failure. Instead of a "hey thank you" the guy got pissed at me and gave me the, "it has been that way for a long time so it has to be ok." I informed all parties involved and wished the homeowner a good day and best of luck.


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