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    Does a rather large deck added onto the back of an existing home need to be attached to the home or can it be freestanding? Decks got to have a ledger board fastened to the home right?

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    Default Re: Deck Construction

    Danger Will Robinson Danger
    Defect that deck!
    A deck does not have to be attached to a house depending on variables. In this case it appears it should be.
    - Cross bracing is too high and narrow. No support for lower portion of legs to keep from kicking out or buckling under load.
    - Appears to be built on an incline. No visible means of retention to keep from swaying and falling down the incline under load
    - Are those 6x6 posts?
    - What size are the joists 2x10 or 12. Verify they may be overspanned.
    Looks like a handyman special.
    Don't be vague in your report about the potential hazards of this deck.
    A ledger board is called for, additional bracing recommended and depending on the inclinc footing reinforcement. By the way, what's up with the footings.
    Good luck, Markus
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    Yeah Markus. Sometimes things you cant believe and/or understand. Wicked not be anchored to home. Thanks

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    Hmmm, don't know of any requirement that the deck be attached to the structure. I have seen a number of decks that everyone would have been better served if they had not been attached to the structure. There is nothing wrong with a freestanding deck that is built correctly. That being said, this deck does have some issues, and I'm sure that if we could see more of the structure, we could find a lot more wrong. Just what is the spacing between those doubled up beams? How are the posts secured and what size are they? What size are the joists?

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    Default Re: Deck Construction


    This should explain everything you need to know about decks....


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    Thanks everyone for the feed back.

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    Default Re: Deck Construction


    Go to page 14 of the link Darren provided - that is for "freestanding" decks.

    You will notice that the braces are at a 45 degree angle, the " 2' " dimension is not the critical dimension, you could brace it at 8' in both directions, still making that 45 degree angle. Of course, making to bracing too low could create 'head bangers'.

    Jerry Peck
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