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Thread: Deck Framing

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    Default Deck Framing

    Rear Deck
    - Ledger board attachment is lag screws into OSB.
    - Lag screws are counter sunkinto the ledger.
    - Ledger attaches over the vinyl siiding without flashing. Water staining present on the OSB at the interior.
    - Center beam is nailed together without support.
    - Fasteners are corroded at the joist hangers.
    - Poor framing of the stairway
    - Loose handrails with 6 inch spacing of balusters.

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    Default Re: Deck Framing

    I bet those joist hangers are not made for treated wood. I see this more and more, especially with the fasteners.

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    Default Re: Deck Framing

    Here's four more problems:

    1) Open risers

    2) uneven risers (short step on bottom)

    3) 'Split' beam attachment to posts improper

    4) Handrail not graspable

    Ah, but the agent said it was approved by the town so it MUST be OK

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