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    Default Horizontal Wood and Batten

    I performed an inspection on a builders house today, knowing that always raises my couriosity. Here is an incomplete installation of exterior siding with wood on batten or wood on wood installed horizontally. All installation practices for wood on batten I know of are vertical. There is a layer of house wrap beneath the siding, but as you can tell it is not finished. The only restriction that might relate to this is in IRC R703.1. Is this an acceptable installation practice?

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    Default Re: Horizontal Wood and Batten


    Looks to me like the roof will provide protection for that siding, but I have never seen board & batten installed sideways. If on a wall that is subject to weather, each seam would allow water to penetrate behind the siding. Even under an eave, if someone hoses down the siding, water will penetrate. Weird installation.

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    Default Re: Horizontal Wood and Batten

    That's not any good.

    Besides that, it's all wrong.

    I think IRC 703.1 covers it pretty well.

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