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    Do manufactured homes / not trailers...have house wrap? I found on with holes in the siding, there was no house wrap. If not...why? I cant think of a reason you would not have house wrap.
    How do you know if it is bolted down. There is foam board and insulation covering the bottom. Is it bolted through the sill plate? Thank you guys.

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    Default Re: manufactured homes

    I have done two Draw inspections for customers who were getting manufactured homes. Here is a pic of one. I checked my pics and the other customer's delivery was the same. YES, they have house wrap. How do you tell? Not sure once the siding or brick is up. You will need to peak under the siding. Check the starter strip and see if you can see under the first course. Be careful not to break the siding. There is a tool available to unlock the strip.

    Dick Moran

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    Default Re: manufactured homes

    Do you mean "modular" home? There is often a little confusion between modular homes and manufactured homes. In the vernacular of the mobile home world and in "Realtor-ese", a manufactured home is referring to what we used to call house trailer or mobile home. i.e. double wides, etc. The modular home for the most part is a conventionally built home that is built in a factory setting in components, than transported to the site and put together.

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    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Hi Doug, I referred to manufactured home because that is what my inspection company called them twice. I just did a Google search and it confirms what you said. The homes I inspected [confirmed delivery] were modular two story homes. Thanks for the clarification.

    Dick Moran[/FONT]

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    This home in question was NOT a trailer but a bolt together home. There was holes in the siding from rocks being thrown from the lawn mower. No house wrap.

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    I personally would not be concerned if the home has house wrap or not.

    If you are talking about a single, double, or triple-wide mfg. home, these typically do not have the sill plates or frames bolted to the foundation. Usually if you look around the perimeter of the foundation in the crawlspace you will see a daylight gap with shims in various areas between the metal frame and foundation walls. What you need to look for is the hurricane straps that secure the metal frame to the foundation or footings.


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