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    Default Code for venting oil furnace

    Hi, I'm a home owner that is looking to directly vent a 15 year old Therma pride oil-buring furnace.
    It was vented through a flue then to the chimney that we just took down due to structural damage.
    I live in North Carolina. What are the codes for venting it directly through an exterior wall?

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    Travis, I highly recommend you contract with your local chimney pro to guide you in this process. You will be working with a factory chimney listed to UL103 or type 'L' vent. Depending upon the layout, you may use either the L vent or single walled chimney connector to the factory chimney. Again, the local pro would have to take the measurements, check clearances to combustibles, etc. The listed installation instructions for the chimney prescribe how it must be installed. You must use all the components they specify and how they spec. to install them.

    What he will need is the firing data from your Thermo-Pride, which btw, it the top of the line. You cannot always rely on the rating plate with oil because techs will often drop the nozzle size then increase the pump pressure. Nozzle markings are rated for 100 psi but newer burners often fire at 130-140 psi, which drives the BTU input rate up, which affects the venting requirements. You'll need to ascertain this information for sizing your venting.

    In addition to the NC Building Code, you can reference NFPA 31 Standard for the Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment, 2006 edition.


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