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    Default Pilot light in gas fireplace

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    Default Re: Pilot light in gas fireplace

    I you don't understand this system please call you Gas company they will come out and inspect the system for you and light it for you.

    Thats the safe way.



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    Default Re: Pilot light in gas fireplace


    Simply turn of the gas valve at the fireplace controls if you have no intentions of using the fireplace. Save the costs of the pilot burning. Those are easy money for the gas provider.


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    Default Re: Pilot light in gas fireplace

    You said you "never use" it, so I second Rick's advice - turn the gas valve off.

    It is "supposed to" have safety interlocks which will prevent the gas from flowing with the pilot 'off', but, if you "never use" the gas fireplace, why not just turn it off? No need to take chances, those are "safety devices" and are not intended to be used as 'the' gas shut off control.

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    Smile Re: Pilot light in gas fireplace

    As a fireplace installer and service tech for 13 years now i can say depending on the age of the fireplace it should a 15 second drop out or/and other safety features such as a thermocouple which senses heat and shuts gas off when tempature drops.Instructions to relighting the fireplace should be in owners manual or on a tag under fireplace,hope i helped, thank you


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