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    Default Darwin Specie Thinner

    Yes, it's a bedroom - so anythig wrong here? List them with appropriate code refs please.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Darwin Specie Thinner

    Borrowing topic...

    Yesterday's brick hearth extension's "support" - I expecting to find something like this because of displaced brick at the hearth extension and failing lath and plaster walls at the side of the fireplace on the floor above, when I got down to the basement one joist was broken entirely through and the entire floor was sagging, this is about the worst hearth extension support I've ever seen.

    BTW, the fireplace had relatively recent liner and chimney-top damper, but the firebox, hearth and smoke chamber were pretty beat up and obviously been that way well before the liner was installed - I'm astonished the installer was willing to accept the liability of installing a liner without performing the other obviously necessary repairs.

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    Default Re: Darwin Specie Thinner

    Looking at the termination of the liner it looks like one of those, 'get the job, take the money and run' installers.
    This is one industry that needs to be better educated and regulated.
    yes that fireplace looks like it need attention.

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    Improper vent connection at unit top.
    No B vent from water heater in closet
    Improper clearance to combustibles
    No proper fire rated door.
    No combustion air from exterior.
    Return behind door.

    From the 3 Stooges codebook: soitenlly,nyuk,nyuk,nyuk


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