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    Default Flue Clearance to Openings (Pellet Stove)

    I came across a photo of a flue from a pellet stove terminating horizontally, from a wall (about three horizontal feet away from the wall, six feet off the ground, but between an operable window and door).

    Does anyone know the specifics regarding flue termination requirements for pellet burning stoves?

    Note: As some of you may already know, I'm new to this site and to the world of home inspections, so please forgive my ignorance in advance . . . I am not a home inspector but am slowly working towards that.



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    Default Re: Flue Clearance to Openings (Pellet Stove)

    Termination has to be 2 feet above any part of the building within 10 feet.
    Unless the unit is listed otherwise but you would have to contact the company for that info.

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    Default Re: Flue Clearance to Openings (Pellet Stove)

    Pellet stoves have some surprisingly close allowances for clearance. You'll need to find the manufacturer's installation instructions either at the house or on the web. They usually are allowed to vent horizontally.

    Jim Robinson
    New Mexico, USA


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