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    Default Metal Like Asbestos Chimney

    This is the second time I have run into this type of furnace chimney. The previous time was about 10 years ago in upstate New York.

    It appears to be asbestos. When I look at the pipe from the end, I see layers of material. When I tap it it rings almost like cast iron pipe. It has the visible connector here and another in the attic. I cannot determine how they are connected; not with screws though. The rest of the chimney is behind the interior walls. On the roof it has a b-vent style metal boot, storm collar and rain cap. There are no labels or imprints on the pipe that I can see.

    Has anybody got any experience with this material?

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    Default Re: Metal Like Asbestos Chimney


    If you think it is asbestos and can actually see the ends, it is not sealed and I would not be tapping it.

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    Default Re: Metal Like Asbestos Chimney

    Apologies Jon. You replied before I could edit and add the photo.

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    Cool Transite

    Cement asbestos pipe. Actually once recognized as B-vent for Cat. I gas. Should be removed and replaced with properly sized listed B-vent. Note that when that one screw rots out, the connector can dislodge and vent into the home. Need a venting pro in there. All new vent connector or just run B-vent the entire run, depending upon a lot of factors.

    Note, there are the beginings of markings at the bell of the bell and spigot on the transite.

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