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    Default Pellet stove

    Saw this today in a home in Yardley, PA. Breckwell pellet stove. I looked at their install instructions and it does not come close to a properly vented appliance, however the town approved it and the approval sticker is right on the electrical panel.

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    Default Re: Pellet stove

    It wouldn't take much snow to block that vent

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    Default Re: Pellet stove

    never saw a stove ofthat type done that way

    anybody have the instructions and or manual for it?

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    Strangely (at least to my eyes) the last 2 pellet stoves I looked at during installation, required window and vent distances per the UPC or IPC and clearances from the framing members at the point of penetration, and weren't required to clear the roof, only be 12" above grade. I have only seen one basement in my area and it was 50 years old when I was 10, so I am looking at the rest of that assemebly and wondering whether or not it is weather-proof.


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