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    Post Vent-free gas logs

    I have seen many gas log conversions but I have never seen a vent-free conversion. This one has the damper covered and sealed off. Here is what I was planning on saying.

    A "Vent-free" gas log fireplace is installed. The clients should be aware that exhaust gases from these appliances are vented directly into the living space where they are located. Exhaust gases may contain very high levels of moisture (up to 25%), which may cause damage to house over time. Also many health concerns have been associated with vent-free gas stoves and fireplaces. Because of this I do not recommend using the unit.

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    Default Re: Vent-free gas logs

    You pretty much cover it..... I might add a stronger recommendation for removal or further contractor/installer evaluation. My state SOPs require me to make a specific recommendation to monitor, evaluate, repair, replace or other appropriate action so I usually try to include one of those.

    I'd likely skip the moisture stuff and just say it's potentially dangerous and needs to be blessed by a qualified contractor/installer or removed.


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