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    Default gas fireplace chimney placement

    Ok, i have a home with a gas fireplace that has blowers, and remote and appears to be installed correctly. you know what that isn't.
    Anyway, the exterior vent stack is located on a side wall that is actually below a underhang of a front porch roof, it did not go up through the roof. The siding is vinyl as are the soffits. i don't know how to post a picture. but i really am not liking this installation. The owner was there and said that he didn't go up through the roof because all the main support beams were in that area. Now i have seen other fireplace vents comming out of the side of a home but not with any over hang above them. any help here?

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    Default Re: gas fireplace chimney placement

    Call a chimney pro and have him come out and tell the owner what is required. If there is no room to go through the soffit then you must go around but cannot stay where it is if I am Picturing what your picture would have pictured Or are you talking about a direct vent?

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    Exclamation Re: gas fireplace chimney placement

    Get the make, model and serial number. With that, get the correct copy of the listed instructions, which will show the approved vent termination clearances including to ventilated and unventilated soffits and to plastic soffits.


    FWIW, Heatilator is made right down in Mt. Pleasant, Ia. If you call ahead, you may be able to take a plant tour.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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