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    Default Stains at oil appliance chimney

    Do any problems jump out at this chimney?
    There is an oil fired appliance currently installed. It was just replaced with a newer oil fired boiler and operates year round due to the boiler also heating potable water.

    I know that the chimney height is too low, I'm just curious about the stains.

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    Default Re: Stains at oil appliance chimney

    Stains appear to be from rust. Former metal chimney cap? Also would highly recommend a masonry cap.

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    Default Re: Stains at oil appliance chimney

    The cap looks new so I would agree with a previous cap rusting, looks to dark to be a lime stain. on another note there doesn't appear to be any flashing where the top of the roof meets the chimney.

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    Default Re: Stains at oil appliance chimney

    Moisture from bathroom exhaust washing down gable wall, open gable vent problems with chimney cooling and height, looks like it has been a recipe for problems for a long time.

    Although at first I thought I saw orange staining - as others indicated possible rust I found it hard to tell with lighting and shadows without knowing what the true color of the chimney brick was supposed to be.

    As redder color on the right side of the chimney might be the red colorant additive to the #2 Fuel Oil (motor fuel tax exmpt) which has been required for a while.

    Seems this has been a problem with incomplete exhausting of the boiler and condensation issues for a while possible issues with exhaust being sucked into the attic gable vent or flowing from if the chimney is on downwind side.

    Moisture may have also been wafting from that bathroom exhaust fan - hard to know the time of day or directions (prevailing winds, etc.) from the photos. Looks also like a canopy of very tall and mature trees may surround and possibly overhang the property?

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    Default Re: Stains at oil appliance chimney

    Given the stains on the chimney but not on the liner which by the way seems to extend more than most,,I would think there was some work done to the top of the chimney to repair either a leak or a rusted cap.

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    Cool Re: Stains at oil appliance chimney

    Can't see that chimney too good from here. Could you bring it by my place? :-)

    Can't tell from here if that top ~7ft has been rebuilt or is that just the staining.

    Appears to have moisture issues, oil stains and rust from galvanized steel rain cap.

    Cold ext. chimney should have been relined and height extended.

    Call for Level II and call it a day.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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