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    Default Bull Head Tee on vent pipe

    I know that a bull head tee connection is not "Best practice", but is there any code reference that confirms this?


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    Default Re: Bull Head Tee on vent pipe

    I'm not sure about the specific code reference you are asking about but the vent pipe should have an upward slope toward the chimney. 1/4 inch per foot minimum. That one looks level at best, or maybe even slightly down sloped toward the chimney.

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    Default Re: Bull Head Tee on vent pipe

    Here's some good venting information. The 1/4 inch per foot requirement is mentioned at this page.

    Guide To Flue Vent Connectors - Heating Boilers, Furnaces, Water Heaters & Chimney Flues

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    Default Re: Bull Head Tee on vent pipe

    G2427.10.8 (503.10.8) Slope.
    A vent connector shall be
    installed without dips or sags and shall slope upward toward
    the vent or chimney at least
    1/4 inch per foot (21 mm/m).

    Vent connectors attached to a mechanical draft
    system installed in accordance with the manufacturers’

    The ideal chimney or vent configuration is a totally vertical
    system, even though it is not always practical.
    This section requires all portions of a chimney or vent
    connector to rise vertically a minimum of a
    1/4 inch per
    each foot (21 mm/m) of its horizontal length. The connector
    slope is intended to induce the flow of flue
    gases using the natural buoyancy of the hot gases.
    Connector slope can promote the priming of a cold
    venting system and can partially compensate for short
    connector vertical rise. Low points, dips and sags
    could also trap condensate and accelerate corrosion
    of the connector. The exception allows connectors
    without slope where connected to mechanical draft
    systems because the connector is on the negative
    pressure (inlet) side of the exhauster and slope would
    provide no benefit.


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