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    Exclamation Fireplace Glass Doors & Burns To Children's Hands

    Local hospital sees increase in burns from gas fireplaces

    DENVER - They are an important feature in nearly every home. A gas fireplace adds ambiance and warmth to a Colorado evening. Unfortunately, many people don't know about a hidden danger these fireplaces may pose to our children.

    The Children's Hospital Burn Center has seen a 50 percent increase in burns to the hands from gas fireplace glass doors since 2006.

    "We see on average 2 to 3 new patients per week in our out-patient burn clinic," Registered Nurse Angela Drelles said.

    The problem is many glass doors do not have protective screens. While the glass door definitely protects children from the fire itself, it doesn't necessarily protect kids from the heat. The surface of the glass can rise to 200ยบ F in just six minutes. Contact with the glass door can result in second- or third-degree burns to the skin.

    Recently, one family learned about this danger on Christmas Eve. Three generations of the family gathered in a family room with the grandchildren. The youngest grandchild who had just learned to walk took about three steps away from his mom. In a matter of seconds Reeve Thomas was at the fireplace, with his hands stuck to the glass doors.

    Brynn Thomas immediately pulled Reeve away, but it was too late.

    "His hands were blistered," she said. "He had white blisters on both of the palms and every fingertip." The family rushed to the car and then to The Children's Hospital, where doctors and nurses in the emergency room knew in an instant what had happened.

    Fortunately for Reeve, he did not need skin grafting surgery. Doctors were able to keep his hands in soft casts for more than three weeks, allowing his skin to heal.

    "Our goal is for the wounds to heal in 21 days," Drelles said.

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    Question burned kids vs. lazy parents?

    And in colonial times the kids would fall into an open hearth fireplace......

    Look, there is no substitute for adult supervision of minors-period. Do you let small children play or run around in a kitchen with pots on the stove? I hope not.

    FWIW, Hearth& Home Technologies now requires a screen on every fireplace they sell. You'll still get burns but the degree will generally be less.

    Many homeowners will erect various gates, screens, and crash guards around fireplaces. However, I have a problem with the mother sitting so close to a known hazard, knowing the child is mobile, knowing the child cannot discriminate from hazards yet allow this toddler to wobble around the room. Speaking as a former factory representative, I feel many parents now do not want to accept responsibility for their children's safety. They want a pristine fantasy world where everything is peachy and the sky is full of rainbows, instead of reality. Why wasn't an adult sitting in front the fireplace where they could catch the child? Because it was too hot! Hello??? Sorry.

    Moral of the story: keep kids away from fireplaces--there's fire in those places.


    Keep the fire in the fireplace.

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    Default Re: Fireplace Glass Doors & Burns To Children's Hands

    I'm with you on this Bob. I had a client who had a problem with the exposed flue pipe from the boiler in a finished basement area. He expressed concern for his little nieces and nephews saying they could possibly burn themselves on the flue pipe. My thought was "well who the hell is watching the kids to ensure thye don't touch the flue pipe and burn themselves?".

    Another client in a 7,500 sq ft new construction house wanted the builder to block off the openings behind a stud walls in the finished basement because their cats might get back there and get stuck. "Then don't let the f****** cats down in the basement".


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