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    Exclamation condensing furnace

    I know that this chimney is against codes and furnace manufacturers instructions. I don't have any before pictures but an old gas furnace, sharing a flue with a gas water heater, was replaced with a 90+ furnace . The pvc flue, instead of running to the outdoors, was ran into the old metal b-vent stack. The lower portion of the b-vent was was rusted through (no pic). The first pic is the "fix". Just replace the rusted metal.
    I am not an inspector and have no authority but am trying to get this to be made safe. The manuals were not left with the unit so I don't know how to show why a condensing furnace needs to be run in pvc to the outdoors and not in metal to rust again.
    That is on top of the numerous other issues:
    1) Lack of "combustion air" in the room.The intake should be run to outdoors also. no make up air for water heater also.
    2) The "nice" silicone joint in the 30g metal not fire rated.
    3) Water heater needs to be lined or properly sized now the the furnace is vacated.
    Any links to show how to vent this furnace properly would be appreciated. The people looking at this don't understand that a condensing furnace condenses.

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    Default Re: condensing furnace

    Egad Bruce!!! Somebody needs to take the tools away from those chimps before they hurt somebody. The defects in these pics are numerous and require the immediate attention of a qualified HVAC professional. The installation here shows obvious lack of knowledge in the way 90+ efficiency furnaces operate. Lookup some installation on line for the furnace maufacturer and call the local gas utility company for backup if you need to. In the meantime, shove a banana up the tailpipe of the installers' truck to prevent them from inflicting anymore of their ineptitude on other innocent people.

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    Angry Re: condensing furnace

    Bruce, remove the panel on the furnace and record the make, model, and serial number. Armed with this information, you can probably go online and download the manual. Otherwise, contact the mfr. directly.

    I recommend these units be shut off immediately! Imminent threat to life! Get a qualified HVAC technician in there to document in great detail what was done, remove this death trap, then install per the listing on the appliance and the codes. BTW, the manual along with operating instructions must be left with the homeowner by code.

    B-vent and single walled pipe are NOT listed or approved for positive flue gas pressure. You cannot goop the joints with silicone or "make" it approved or ok. For the record, the vent connector must be 26 gauge galvanized steel or equivalent up to 6" then it goes to 24ga. 30 ga. is for warm air ducts. Vent connector must be properly pitched up min. 1/4" per ft., 3 screws per joint, properly sized, properly secured, clearance to combustibles, MakeUp Air, etc. etc.

    This is a real train wreck. I'd love to see you have these clowns thrown in jail for reckless endangerment and fraud. If the HVAC company does not understand the problem, for one, fire them, two, contact your fire marshal, who should RED TAG these until corrected, then turn the bast**ds in to the authorities. At the very least, code enforement should be able to nail them for not pulling a permit and committing acts of terrorism. This is really bad, dangerous work. I hope this has been corrected or the equipment at least turned off for tonight.

    You said liner for the WH---Do you mean that wishbone with 2 into 1 common vent? There may be enough vent capacity there but that sure as heck ain't the way to connect them.

    I'd be all over these guys like white on rice.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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