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    Default Heatilator Flue Size

    I inspected a Heatilator vented propane fireplace Model # GC361L and have a question about the size of the vent.

    The vent on the top of the fireplace is 5" and goes out the roof as it should. You can see it through the vent at the top of the firebox. When you look in the firebox at the top is a 3/4" hole. I expected to see the 5" vent that is visible on the top outside of the firebox.

    My question is "Is this 3/4" hole adequate to vent this fireplace with a glass front?"

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    James, you are looking at the top of the firebox, which forms the draft hood across the front. There is a gap just in front of the glass. The hole was added to turbo-charge the draft while still providing the baffle and vent relief effect of the draft hood. A pro needs to inspect this unit closely and record gas pressures. I have seen them where a hole was melted through the top of the firebox at this factory hole from a severe over draft condition coupled with overfiring. From what I can tell, this unit was d/c'd in 1996. It uses a direct spark igintion.


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    Default Re: Heatilator Flue Size

    Thanks Bob.....the house is a 1996 and I will share your response with the buyer. The flame is all orange with very little blue and the logs are sooting up. The unit also makes a hissing noise while burning like air escaping.


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