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    Default Flue penetrations

    Both of the flue pipes for a oil fired water heater and furnace enter the chimney at the same height. Am i right in thinking that one can create back pressure on the other or cause exhaust backup through the other due to this configuration. That's how it's going in the report. Just thought i'd throw it at you guys.

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    Default Re: Flue penetrations

    The code states the following-

    "Inlets to common venting systems shall be off-set such that no portion of an inlet is opposite another inlet."

    I think that means your set-up is OK.

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    Cool Re: Flue penetrations

    Flue size questionable
    flue integrity questionable
    no seal where chimney connector breaches the face of the flue wall
    connector extends past wall of flue.
    connector corroded.

    Should have spill switches on the barometric dampers

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    Default Re: Flue penetrations

    It was my understanding that the smaller appliance should be vented above the bigger. That looks like a poor install.


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