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    Default Weird Flue Build Up

    The flue was covered with what looks like hard roofing tar. There were also little balls of it on the rain cap. Is this evidence of a chimney fire, or something else? It was a Lopi wood burning insert into a masonry fireplace and chimney.

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    Default Re: Weird Flue Build Up

    I'm no chimney expert, but it looks like a nice build-up of creosote to me, and rather than evidence of a fire, is more likely going to lead to a chimney fire unless cleaned.

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    Exclamation glaze

    Third degree glaze creosote. There may be some pyrolyzed creosote from a chimney fire down in there but I can't see it from here.

    Should have been installed with a listed stainless steel insulated liner. You can try several methods to get some of this stuff out but they each have risks and are not 100%. Better to bust out these flue times and reline.

    This is probably a "slammer" insert. If it has a direct connection to the first flue tile, it might have been acceptable prior to 2003 but now this flue would be oversized if the stove has a 6" collar.

    Level II inspection and reline.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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