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    Default Chimney spillage

    This is a 2 yr. old house with a wood burning FP.

    I asked if they burned damp wood which may explain spillage. but there other concerns...there is a nail that has worked its way out at the top at flashing...any other ideas...

    all the discoloration is on the south...wind usually is perdominantly from the north...

    Dampener issue or just draft issue...

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    Default Re: Chimney spillage

    I used to have a wood burning furnace that due to the conditions of use (24 hours a day every day) would need the chimney to be cleaned at least twice per season. I would literally have a smoldering fre until the thermostat called for heat then an inducer fan would blow air into the firebox to get the fore going hot again until the heating requirement was met then it would go to smoldering again. I would get coagulated deposits building up on the bird screen of the cap that, other than reducing my draft, would cause streaking down the chimney when it got wet from rain.

    With all of that having been said, it could be no more than rust from the metal cap at the top of the chase.

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    Default Re: Chimney spillage

    Or it could be the result of overheating in the chimney from lack of clearance to combustibles. Time for a Level II inspection.

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    Smile Re: Chimney spillage

    The issue of fireplace spillage warrants a whole course, which cannot be delivered over a forum such as this. Such matters are beyond the scope of the home inspector and, as Nick said, warrant a Level II inspection and possibly a more in depth consultation with testing.

    FYI, some chimneys, esp. some solid packed ones require ventilation of the chase top. Again, beyond the scope of the home inspection. However, if you a finding more and more of one type fireplace or chimney, it would help if you located a manual to see what pitfalls might await you. If you know they all require ventilation, then you can and should mention that in your report as justification for the hearth inspection referral.


    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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