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    Default Wiring inside the chimney area

    There is likely ample space BUT is any wiring allowed inside the chimney area between the outer framing and the metal flue? This is a view from the roof of the cable wires hanging out.

    Mike Pearson
    S. FLA

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    Default Re: Wiring inside the chimney area

    Mike. This was addressed last week. Scroll down to "Electrical cable in Chimney Chase" Dale Web says OK under certain circumstances.

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    Default Re: Wiring inside the chimney area

    If a satellite or cable installer did it, it is wrong
    I think somebody should start inspecting their work.
    If they penetrated the chase, then it should be sealed just like any other penetration, the cables should be properly secured to prevent encroachment into the "xx inch clearance to combustibles" zone. They can't be located inside a airconditioning duct or return.
    I will bet they did not seal the penetration at the exterior to prevent water entry and they left insulation out of where ever they had to run their cable.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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