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Thread: Rusting chimney

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    Default Rusting chimney

    What would the recommendation be for an appliance chimney (water heater) that has surface rusting?

    Should it be primed and painted? It is over 40 years old so I didn't think it would get a whole lot worse any time soon.

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    Cool Re: Rusting chimney

    The warranty has expired and this vent has outlived its normal service life. Replace it. Also, if this is only a WH, it is probably oversized. Otherwise, they should perform combustion analysis to ascertain if it is firing properly.

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    Default Re: Rusting chimney

    Jon, As Bob referenced it is a vent, not a chimney. A technicality perhaps but one worth adhering to.

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    Default Re: Rusting chimney

    That much rust I recommend replacement. When it's less rust and more like surface rust, I recommend prime and paint with approved materials for the application.
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