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    Default Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    This appliance chimney is 48" from the adjacent building.
    The building is too high to reasonably go above.
    Any suggestions?
    Replace appliances with high efficiency?

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    Default Re: Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    Chimneys have a 3-2/10 rule: the minimum height of a chimney is 3 feet, and 2 feet higher than 'any' structure within 10 feet.

    That includes the any part of the structure it is on and any other structure.

    Jerry Peck, Construction / Litigation Consultant
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    Default Re: Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    Not sure of the total questions, replace with high efficiency, you mean abandoned the existing chimney and install the new with the vent through the roof or side wall?

    I will tell you from personal experience on my rental I had a side wall termination of the units vent 7 feet from the neighbors privacy fence and every once in a great while the winter wind channeled between the house and the fence enough to cause negative pressure and shut the unit down. Manufacturers termination is important to consider at property lines, windows and adjacent elevations.

    Looks like two chimneys and the one with the soffit open has some soot or dirt on the house.

    Joseph Ehrhardt
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    Default Re: Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    changing to a high efficency appliance is the way to go, either that or move the chimmy. currently proper clearance is not there. A high efficency appliance in the long term will save money as well as improve safety provided installed right.

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    Default Re: Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    Taller building might have been constructed (or renovated) after the inspected house was constructed. That event was out of the control of the lower house owners. The taller home has caused themselves and their neighbor problems by building as high and as close as they did. I guess the Building Dept should have picked up on this. Doesn't change what is need to be noted on an inspection report. Interesting.

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    Default Re: Chimney clearance from adjacent building

    Retrofit a metal flue to 2 feet above roof.

    Tom Rees / A Closer Look Home Inspection / Salt Lake City, Utah


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