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    Default Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?

    Got what appears to be a stainless double walled flue pipe buried about 2 foot below grade for a basement gas wood stove. I have never seen one buried before. Is this allowed?

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    Default Re: Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?

    Is it purposely buried with soil, or is that just a lot of windblown debris? It is wrong either way. The seams and that tee need to be visible for monitoring. Soil and debris will hold moisture against the metal and that will lead to premature corrosion.

    No doubt, Sir Bob Harper will supply the final judgement.

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    Default Re: Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?

    I have run into clay flue liners covered in concrete underground, by a certain builer I think was on something.
    That was acepted locally here in ct, why I don't know but most still in use for 40 years or so.
    But that, I have never seen and would agree with john that it is trouble.
    Call the local building dept for their take on it.
    It's not a dumb question.
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    Default Re: Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's a gas wood stove?

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    Cool wood gas stove?

    Now, if it was phrased "gasified wood stove" it would be more correct than "wood stove". If the stove is straight up gas stove, then this is a 'vent'. Otherwise, it would be called a 'chimney' for a solid fuel application.

    Regardless, it will carry a stated clearance to combustibles, which is an air space. You cannot bury chimney or vents into soil. The listings do not allow it nor do mfrs. instructions.

    As always, it would REALLY help if you can provide the model and mfg date code of the appliance, ANSI listing, and fuel type. Also, the venting will have some identification as to the mfr. and type of venting.

    This venting configuration would need to be cross-checked against both the appliance and vent mfr. for acceptability. Regardless, the pipe is not only in direct contact but this portion of it cannot be inspected and it is not properly supported.

    Any other pics inside or out? Where does it terminate?

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    Default Re: Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?

    It would likewise be of interest just how this chimney penetrates/breaches the block foundation wall, thimble, etc. and what is on the originating end.


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