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    Default Chimney connection question

    I have not seen holes like this in the chimney connection to the firebox. It does not look right to me, but I am not sure what or if there is something missing. This was a factory made fireplace with gas logs. I know they are sooting up, but I need to know if the baffles being open to the vent gases is ok or if there is a problem.

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    Default Re: Chimney connection question

    I don't see any problem.

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    Default Re: Chimney connection question

    If that is the damper in the photo, then it should be removed or fixed into the open position for a gas log conversion.

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    Cool Re: Chimney connection question

    When posting on factory built fireplaces and gas appliances it is essential to include the make and model of each. However, some general points:
    Some manufacturers such as Heatilator/ Heat&Glo use this area to discharge cooling air from those side and bottom vents into the chimney. This cools the box while turbocharging the draft.

    As noted, with vented gas logs, the damper valve plate should have been removed or blocked wide open. Since it wasn't, this fireplace must be treated like a ventfree. If this unit was not tested or listed for use with ventfree then it should undergo a Level III destructive inspection to determine if there is occult fire damage and pyrolysis within the walls. Note the soot trail into those cooling holes. That means instead of cooling this box, it was over heating. It also means this box was venting in reverse through the appliance collar and probably down to the bottom then out into the chase or back into the CAZ. Again, extreme fire hazard > Level III.

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