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    Default Moisture Exhaust Ducts??

    Are they referring to condensation from the duct?

    504.3 Clothes Dryers.
    504.3.1 Moisture Exhaust Ducts.
    Moisture exhaust
    ducts shall terminate on the outside of the building and
    shall be equipped with a back-draft damper. Screens shall
    not be installed at the duct termination. Ducts for
    exhausting clothes dryers shall not be connected or
    installed with sheet metal screws or other fasteners that
    will obstruct the flow. Clothes dryer moisture exhaust
    ducts shall not be connected to a gas vent connector, gas
    vent, or chimney, and shall only serve clothes dryers.
    Clothes dryer moisture exhaust ducts under positive pressure

    shall not extend into or through ducts or plenums.

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    Default Re: Moisture Exhaust Ducts??

    As I read it, they are referring to the moist air created by the dryer, as it dries wet clothes, and exhausting it through ductwork to the great outdoors.

    Another way to read 504.3.1 is:

    The first two sentences could apply to any ductwork that exhausts moist air as a reference for other code sections, after that it pretty much talks about specifics for dryers.


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