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    Default Gas fireplace beside bathtub???

    2008 constructed home with a gas fireplace beside the jetted tub at master bathroom. There is a 120v receptacle inside the cabinet for the fan. Never seen it before and unsure if allowed. The cabinet cover of the fireplace has been removed in photo. Any help here is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Gas fireplace beside bathtub???

    Hi Bill,

    That looks like a Bedroom on the other side and would be a prohibitive location for combustion air I.F.G.Code

    *some jurisdictions allow it ( I don't like vent less gas appliances in a sleeping room )

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    Default Re: Gas fireplace beside bathtub???

    M1701.4 Prohibited sources. Fuel-fired appliances shall not obtain combustion air from any of the following rooms or spaces: 1. Sleeping rooms. 2. Bathrooms. 3. Toilet rooms.

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    Cool MUA?

    You guys are assuming way too much. The OP failed to provide the make and model of this unit, which is needed to draw a conclusion. It it is ventfree, it will be listed to ANSI Z21.11.2b. If it is 'B-vented', it will be listed to ANSI Z21.50. It it is direct vent, it will be listed to ANSI Z21.88 and thus exempt from MUA rules. As for the installation next to water, we have discussed this in the past so you might want to conduct a search before re-hashing the same old arguments. The two main issues centered around having tempered or ceramic glass so close to water and to the outlet under the fireplace again in proximity to water.

    The outlet is not intended for use with ordinary corded appliances but only for a fan or remote control approved for this fireplace and is located in the valve compartment under the firebox. It is not intended to have a power cord exposed being pinched by the trim panel.

    As for the glass, ask your AHJ and refer to the listed instructions. The code is rather vague on this application. The glass should have a listed screen protecting it. This helps protect skin from accidental exposure to hot glass. It also forms a barrier in the event the glass shatters.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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