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    Default Superior BR-42-2 Fireplace

    Is the superior BR-42-2 firplace rated for exterior use? It was installed at the rear porch. There was a roof covering to protect it from the rain. I looked in the installation manual and I didn't see any comment saying not to use it in this manner.

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    Default Re: Superior BR-42-2 Fireplace

    Are you allowed to burn would in this FP?

    And, I was going to make a comment like, "The decorative shroud located at thetop of the chimney may not be an approved, listed component and should beconsidered suspect." Does the comment seem reasonable?

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    Default Re: Superior BR-42-2 Fireplace

    Fireplaces rated out outdoor exposure are generally all stainless steel and marked so on the rating plate and in the manual.

    Shrouds must be listed so flag it and put the burden of proving the listing back on the owner/ installer.

    Looks like gas logs with the soot trail. Is this from the outdoor fireplace? The application of gas logs outdoors is a grey area. Due to shifting wind, there is no predictability in the performance so I don't know how anyone could claim a listing for that application. I've seen some where the flames shot sideways several feet. Of course, the same happens when you burn wood but when properly installed away from the building and built with all non-combustible construction, there isn't as much to go wrong. An attached outdoor fireplace is a problem.

    More pics?

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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