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    Default Debris At Cleanout of Relined Chimney

    The flue that vents an oil-fired furnace was relined in 2010 according to the sellers. The cap was secured to the top of the liner on the exterior so I couldn't look down the interior. But after popping off the cleanout cap in the basement at the base of the flue, I saw all this chimney debris which seems to be quite a bit to see for a relined chimney. I wouldn't be concerned about a couple crumbs of stuff but this is more than a few bits and pieces.

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    Default Re: Debris At Cleanout of Relined Chimney

    1. Debris from installation?
    2. Breach in liner?
    3. No liner past elbow?

    Further inspection required for sure.

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    Default Re: Debris At Cleanout of Relined Chimney

    I am seeing this with increased frequency. I believe part of the debris is coming from a section of unlined chimney and part is from the combustion process. Irrespective, the narrowing is a real cause for concern and should be attended to as it will gradually increase CO and plug the furnace from misfiring.

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    Default Re: Debris At Cleanout of Relined Chimney

    If the new liner goes from the appliance to the top of the chimney it should not allow this type of material to enter the flue. As was mentioned earlier, it is possible that some portion of that flue is exposed and the deteriorating masonry is falling down and clearly has the potential to block the flue. That is not good and an inspection by someone that knows chimneys is in order. I would suggest a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep perform a level 2 inspection.

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