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    Default gas fireplaces in large baths

    Any guidance would be appreciated, I have run into master bath suites a few times with gas fireplaces in the bath area. Are there specifics that need to be observed. Clearances needed? Types of units and restrictions? Any info will be appreciated.

    So far no under water units found!

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    Default Re: gas fireplaces in large baths

    With regard to fireplaces in bathrooms, we've run into several concerns that are legitimate and may be applicable in the situations you are running into.

    Fireplaces in the tub or shower area should have impact-rated glazing that will stand the thermal shock of water being splashed on it. Some direct vent fireplaces are fitted with ceramic glass, which meets all of the requirements, but will not be described so specifically in the installation manual. Tempered glass, which is on many fireplaces, will not take the thermal shock.

    Electrical devices should be UL-listed as approved for those areas, so fireplaces with fans, accent lights, etc. may not be acceptable unless listed and tested as such. Low voltage, millivolt and battery operated devices should be fine.

    In most situations where a bathroom is that large, it is a part of a Master Suite with no other doors communicating to a hallway or other areas. As such, they will need to comply with the mechanical code requirement that combustion air is obtained from outside the space. Only gas direct vent fireplaces will meet this requirement.


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