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Thread: PVC VENTS?

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    Default PVC VENTS?

    There is a natural gas fireplace attached to the chimney but i have never seen these pvc "vents" before any ideas what this is?

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    Default Re: PVC VENTS?

    Is there a gas furnace in the house that has PVC pipe for the exhaust and the air intake? Maybe they used the chimney chase to take them to outside air.

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    Default Re: PVC VENTS?

    Condensing furnace?

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    Question Re: PVC VENTS?

    You need to provide more information. What is the make and model of the fireplace, what do those pipes go to in the attic or what, if anything mechanical is below this, is this a 'chase', why is there what appears to be soot staining or pyrolysis, what is the make and model of that venting, etc. ?

    That appears to be a stainless steel chimney liner.

    Is that a combustible chase?

    Regardless, that is a hack job of running those pvc pipes out of holes cut into that chase top. ALL caulk will eventually fail and cause a water problem.

    If this is a 'chimney' then those pvc pipes cannot share the flue with a liner or even a listed vent because they have not been tested compartmentalized in a hot environment and certainly would never be allowed to share a flue with a liner or even listed vent system.

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    Default Re: PVC VENTS?

    Yes, that's the combustion air intake and exhaust for a condensing furnace. They need to be in the same vicinity so there's no pressure differential between the two. Curious if the mfg would allow a 2nd exhaust so close to the intake.


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