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    Default Direct vent under a window....

    I know this was addressed before, but I just thought I would post this with a picture.

    Our County inspectors have been "OK-ing" install like the following.

    I flagged it with a comment that the county OK'ed it...

    This looks so wrong to me...I would want to make the window non-functioning to be safe...but the county has been saying OK...

    The install instructions say 12" (1 foot) is all that is required below a window that is operable, this looks to be right on that 12" line (Its two floors up so I couldn't easily measure it)


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    Default Re: Direct vent under a window....

    Well, the County is correct in OK'ing it if it's installed per spec.

    You may not like it, but you could always contact the manufacturer and clarify their engineering.


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    Default Re: Direct vent under a window....


    Its customary to list where you are located geographically. It helps those of us in providing answers based on state rules/legislation, et ceteras ..


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    Default Re: Direct vent under a window....

    Sorry... Montgomery County Maryland....

    We also used to have lots of flueless fireplaces with burners deliberately set to be yellow & sooty so they looked nice while they dumped lots of water vapor and combustion byproducts into your home...

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