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    Default Sediment traps at fireplaces

    The code does not require a sediment trap at a fireplace, fireplaces are one of the exceptions.
    - From the 2012 IRC: (underlining is mine)
    - - G2419.4 (408.4) Sediment trap. - - - Where a sediment trap is not incorporated as part of the appliance, a sediment trap shall be installed downstream of the appliance shutoff valve as close to the inlet of the appliance as practical. The sediment trap shall be either a tee fitting having a capped nipple of any length installed vertically in the bottommost opening of the tee as illustrated in Figure G2419.4 or other device approved as an effective sediment trap. Illuminating appliances, ranges, clothes dryers, decorative vented appliances for installation in vented fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and outdoor grills need not be so equipped.

    However ...

    Just because a sediment trap is not required does not mean that a sediment trap is not 'needed' - 'needed' versus 'required'.

    A lot of people also say that they have never seen a need for sediment traps because they've never seen a line blocked by debris.

    We have a gas fireplace, and, twice now, it would not ignite (remote control electronic ignition). I know there must be a small piece of debris in the line at the burner/valve because I can do the following:
    - turn the gas off at the tank
    - purge the line of pressure
    - wait a few minutes
    - turn the gas back on
    - let the gas refill the gas line (attempt to light the gas logs several times)
    - then the gas logs light

    A piece of debris must be in the line, and removing the gas pressure allows it to 'fall back out of the way'.

    Looks like I need to clean the gas line and install a sediment trap.

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    Default Re: Sediment traps at fireplaces

    image.jpgimage.jpgLast month a buyer requested the seller install a hearth extension because I said you don't want to place flammable items in front of the fireplace where a hearth extension would be. It was a decorative switch controlled fireplace insert. Realtor started foaming at the mouth. He said a hearth extension would be "purely asthetic!" Followed by manufacturers instructions that say the same.

    He also stated that she should get a new inspector. At which point, I pointed out that the manufacturers instructions also state there should be a sediment trap at an accessible location.....

    Cricket, cricket ....

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