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    Default Vitro-Vent Informaton?

    New to me, anyway, and I could find nothing on the net.

    Appears to be original to a late 1950s - early 1960s Chicago ranch, appears to be a 2x or 3x wall system, looking up the chase in the attic I could see what appeared to be an asbestos layer exposed for about an inch at a junction about 6" below the cap.

    The clients HVAC contractor - who seemed on the ball - and was on-site at the time identified it as "Vitro-Vent", says it a 3x wall system with a ceramic coated interior pipe, and that at this age pitting of the ceramic material may be an issue.

    Also said it was appropriately sized for the current 50K BTU furnace and 40K BTU WH.

    Bob Harper? Anyone?

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    Cool Re: Vitro-Vent Informaton?

    Vitameatavegamin? Remember that Lucy episode? Just reminded me...

    There are vitreous stove pipes on the market with all sorts of colored finishes. This technology came from England where they coat the flue lining of steel chimney to prolong service life. I think this vent is made in England but I could be wrong. Not much seen of it around here.

    I'll ask Dale next time we chat. We finished a conference all about 01:00 am last night so that wasn't the time. He is so incredibly swamped right now you wouldn't believe it so don't take offense if he fails to respond to queries. Remember, we're in our burn season. Kinda' like asking for air conditioning in August...


    Keep the fire in the fireplace.

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    Default Re: Vitro-Vent Informaton?

    1950's?, time for replacement just due to age if you ask me.
    There also appears to be lots of rust in that third picture.
    I am not familiar with the product, but anything to do with manufactured venting could have asbestos included somewhere in the assembly.
    Also, I am not proud, if there was an expert on hand that mentioned a potential problem, I would recycle that somewhere in the report if I deemed it worthwhile.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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