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Thread: suspect shroud

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    Default suspect shroud

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    Default Re: suspect shroud

    Well its not going to catch on fire, but I'm sure it has some issues and is not part of the original system. The water collecting on top is a flag. Maybe Bob Harper or Dale Feb will chime in/

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    Default Re: suspect shroud

    More importantly, the top termination if gone - the spark arrestor/gas vent cap/etc.

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: suspect shroud

    I'd bet that water is getting inside the chimney.

    I would think as Jerry stated that there should be some kind of mushroom shaped cap on top to at least keep the driving rain out.

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    Cool unlisted shroud

    If you cannot locate a listing sticker on a shroud or none illustrated in the owners manual that looks like the one installed, I'd call it out. State you cannot determine that this shroud is listed for use with this appliance and therefore by code must be removed. Moreover, if this is air cooled factory chimney for a fireplace, the absence of the listed termination constitutes a fire hazard. The listed termination separates cooling air from exhaust gases. Here, from what I can see, it appears there is some sort of drop in top damper. You've seen enough to recommend they not use it as is and have a Level III inspection. In the meantime, try to locate the rating plate to get the mfr., model and serial #. If they don't have a manual on site, you might try the internet or tech services.

    What is this shroud mounted on? Combustible framing? There is no spark arrestor, no animal guard and they appear to have water issues. I'd recommend the Level II because the entire top of this chase could be charred. As a home inspector, you recognize this as a potential problem, flag it and move on. However, I would try to find out who they send out so you can follow up and learn what they find or fail to find for future reference. Also, is this the only one in sight? Usually shrouds are found in whole developments. Therefore, when one is a problem, generally they all are. Learn what areas have them. You will not find a factory built fireplace around Atlanta, Ga without them as an example. Some actually are listed.

    Regardless if listed, shrouds can make great wildlife habitat so they warrant close inspection. Also, you still need the correct termination. This is why I sugggest you ask them to locate the manuals before you arrive.

    Keep the fire in the fireplace.


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