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    Default Fuel Pipe On Gas water Heater

    I was curious about this setup were the water heater fuel pipe connects into the main flue pipe from the furnace. Any thoughts, house was built in 1986 id that helps any

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    Default Re: Fuel Pipe On Gas water Heater


    It looks like that is a single-walled connector that someone modified. To the best of my knowledge, modifying/drilling connectors is not allowed.

    I do see tee fittings on heater/water heater shared gas vent pipes and have been told that tees are acceptable, but I believe all I have seen are B-vent tees, not single-walled.

    The mineral staining is also an indication that moisture is condensing on the interior of the gas vent pipe or connector. As the condensed moisture is somewhat acidic, it will eventually rust out the metal.

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