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    Let me first admit... Fireplaces are not my area! With that said, just looking for an educational moment here... This is a fireplace I saw yesterday in a 1926 home. I am recommending a cleaning and rework of the firebrick in the combustion chamber, although it seems to me that there is an inherent flaw in it's design that might make it difficult to vent. Forgive the possibility that I may not get the correct area names but this is the jist... Just above the insert is this decorative mantel inset and when I look up the smoke chamber I see the lintel for the support of the inset and a very small space between the backside of the inset and the smoke shelf. Is there something "wrong" with this set up or am I making more out of this than necessary? (Not that I've really made anything out of it except a question).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Decorative mantel inset

    Reis, the term "insert" would refer top a factory built fireplace. This one apears to be a masonry fireplace built on-site which would not make it an insert.

    If you see any gaps inside the firebox area and above that will not keep the fire in the fireplace, then you are right to call for servicing by a qualified chimney pro (Level II inspection).

    All you have to do is find one thing wrong in a fireplace to justify a call for evaluation and all repairs as needed. The NFPA also calls for all fireplaces to be inspected by a fireplace pro when a house transaction takes place.

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    Nick I am not sure what he is asking but the words he used were 'inset' and 'insert' fairly confusing, it looks like a fairly typical coal fireplace built around that time, from the view looking up. The fireplace and the firebox may be later renovations, the first picture was a little blurred, the fresh look coat of paint, the inadequate hearth (if they are 12x12 tile) would be red flags for further investigation.

    My 2 pence

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