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    Default Is this a problem

    Need help from the fireplace gurus. This factory made vented gas log fireplace was putting out some major heat and has caused the paint to flake off as seen in the pick. The mantel was 12-inches above the top of the firebox and was getting up to about 140 degrees at the underside of the mantel. I don't normally see this but did not see any obvious issues with the flames or anything out of the ordinary. Any insight would be apreciated.

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    Something is definitely awry with that unit Frank. I don't know how long you had to run the fireplace to get the underside of the mantel to reach 140 degrees but I could imagine it getting even hotter if it was running for an extended period of time. The peeling paint appears to be at the very least a manufacturer defect and at worst, a sign of a malfunctioning unit.

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    Peeling paint can be from improper preparation. However, it is wise to have a qualified technician inspect the unit for proper instalation then test it to see if it is firing per the mfrs. specs. The ANSI Stds. allow surface temps on the floor, walls, and mantel to reach a max. of 117F above the ambient room temp. A temp. of 140 is in the normal range I find. Sure, it is too hot to hold your hand on but that does not make it a fire hazard. It does point out why you don't hang stockings over a working fireplace.

    For the unit shown, I would recommend a tech inspect it, test it for proper orifice, gas pressures, ignition train, etc. Then clean the glass, refresh the embers and touch up the paint. BTW, the area peeling is most likely powder coating and not paint. Check with Lennox Tech Services.

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