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    Default Fire caulk needed?

    I inspected a pre-fab Desa fireplace today on a new home and have a quick question. This was set up for wood burning with the fake brick interior. The back fake brick panel was loose and there were gaps between the side panels and the back panel. I looked at the instruction manual and saw no reference to sealing that joint. I know there is supposed to be metal around the firebox but it seems these joints should be sealed. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Fire caulk needed?

    Anyone? The reports written, but I'm still curious what others think.

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    Exclamation Re: Fire caulk needed?

    I was hoping I could draw out a response from one of the home inspectors to see if any of them knew.

    No, you do not caulk the refractory panels in factory built fireplaces. The gaps are there to allow for thermal expansion. However, the gap should be a pontential one. If the panels have separated to the point you can see the sheetmetal firebox wall behind them, then I suggest you refer the matter to the installer, preferrably one who is an NFI certified wood specialist. Usually, all it takes is to remove the panel, tweak the spacers behind the panel then reinstall it.

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    Default Re: Fire caulk needed?

    Thanks Bob, thats how I wrote it up but wasn't 100% sure if I was correct. I really appreciate your insight. Good Karma to you, keep em safe!


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