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    Default Becoming a fha or hud inspector

    Does anyone know about becoming a fha or hud inspector, what required and what kind of pay is out there. thanks

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    Default Re: Becoming a fha or hud inspector

    Hey Mr. D. how are things back east? Out in Calif. The FHA and HUD. Stuff is undergoing a complete rework. as all the rules that had been in place were chuck out the back door when congress lowered the standards for loans. not we see the FHA and HUD Rules back in play but alot of the people incharge have no idea just what or how to put the program together. Now keep in mind im a Calif State Branch #3 inspector or a termite/building inspector I inspect everthing but the HVAC & ELC. in my reports.
    what i see is alot of the linders trying to understand the FHA and the HUD rules some will make them up as they go along. get everything down on paper. have them defind just what they want inspected. and stick to your guns as they will try to control the ball and you. this has been part of the problem i have had with the banks im working with. the are sticking it to the contractors and the agents in that once the work is out lined they don't like supplemental report with additional work. but thats just tuff stuff. as we find things behind the siding that was inaccessible before the siding was removed.

    I hope this help it will be another story in each state as one will have a LICENSING LAW and another will not.

    Just set your fees and if you get the work your in...



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    Default Re: Becoming a fha or hud inspector

    I'm a "Listed" FHA Fee Inspector here in CA. In fact I got several calls while deployed to TX/LA for PaRR-FEMA. I told them the mileage fee would be a bitch!

    The problem is that the lenders don't want to pay any decent fees for their inspection they are REQUIRED to have done by a Fee Inspector. Typically, they want to pay $75 plus a little for mileage for a final. It takes about an hour to do one plus doing the report with 4 pictures. With drive time factored in, they take me about 4 hours since they are 100 miles away out in Palmdale. That's BS and I have been refusing to do them for that amount.
    I've quoted minimum $300 plus mileage. They balk at this. SOMEONE must be doing them since they don't call back and cave on the price. I need to find that guy and beat him severely!

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