I have an interesting situation. I am building a home theater in the basement - below grade, masonary block wall.

I have 1.5 inch rigid foam attached directly to the concrete wall and built a 2x6 framed wall against the rigid foam.

the 2x6 framed wall is attached to the existing floor joists via resilence clip with a rubber washer. (the goal is to isolate the sound viberations from the house).

I need to fireblock the 1.5 inch gap between the top plate of the wall and the foundation (made from the rigid foam board).

The issue is that I cannot attach gypsum drywall to the top of the wall and the foundation without keeping the new wall isolated from the home.

QUESTION: can i put a 1.5 inch strip of drywall on top of the 1.5 inch rigid foam and then firecaulk the edges. this will keep it isolated for sound.

please see picture below in upper right corner

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