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    Default Another way to tell it's slow

    Got gas in my truck yesterday. Will probably be the last fill up for the year. Since I always log my mileage and gas purchases, I looked back at last year to see how many miles I have driven this year.

    I put a little over 10,000 miles on the truck this year. Normally I put on around 16,000. Since I only use my truck for business, it's a pretty good indicator.

    My total number of inspections - down.
    Total gross income - down.
    Average inspection fee - up about 4% - go figure

    Hope next year is better than 08 has been

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    Default Re: Another way to tell it's slow

    Dang, Jack, I used to average 26,000 miles per year and did far fewer inspections.

    Of course, though, that is because South Florida is wedged in between the ocean and the Everglades, not being very wide (20-30 miles wide average), but being quite long (150-180 miles long) - I was nearly centered, with most of my business being at the two (north/south) ends.

    It was not unusual for me to drive 140-180 miles to/from an inspection (70-90 miles one way).

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    Default Re: Another way to tell it's slow

    Less inspections More money , a lot more miles. Doing more HI's in other countys Go were the the work is. As soon as everybody gets bailed out we will be so busy . I am sending in my bail out request today. Half a million so work.


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