Over the last 2 years I have been getting billed thru 2 different billings on my credit card but thru the smae company. The company has many companies that they bill for. Neither one of these companies have I ever had business with. They were linked thru an online business card company. I only used this bus card company once 2 years ago. The amounts were small and each company would only bill every other month. One for 20 and change and the other for 17 and change. The amount over 2 years was 500 dollars total. This is one of those deals where you scan your bill and don't see anything funny thinking it was a convenience store/gas station. Nothing to ring any bells especially where this was not the same bill every month. As soon as I called them they immediately, with no question, credited my card. I do believe this has happened to untold amounts of people and they use that money until an individual bags them and they just pay them back and say sorry for the inconvenience but use their money until they get bagged.

The online print company is Vista Print. If you ever used them in the past check your bills. It should be if like mine a different company drawing a small amount every other month.

Of course I feel like a fool for not picking it up but of course thinking it was gas or what ever I never questioned it. If you are guilty like me in just scanning you credit card bills I suggest you use this for a wake up call and actually go over them with a fine tooth comb. This is a fairly common scam from what I have read and see.