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    A new site by Jerry Peck.
    It looks great and definitely fills a need.
    Good on ya, JP

    Inspection Referral

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    Oh dear, Oh my.

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    Don't let Shatan find that site Jerry.

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    Lordy, Lordy, when will that Jerry ever have time to go to bed. He'll be on the computer 24-7.

    Maybe he Oz as once suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Stanley View Post
    A new site by Jerry Peck.
    It looks great and definitely fills a need.
    Good on ya, JP

    Yes it is a Great new forum, take another look!

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    Been there,

    Jerry Rules.

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    OK then, just how much did you pay RS for that plug?

    BTW: great site since the beginning.

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    The Dynamic duo!

    How does the Codeman Jerry Peck feel about starter strips on roofs?

    Sorry Jerry couldn't resist.

    Really guys, good luck with your new forum! Honestly!

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    Thanks Raymond:

    I will ask Jerry if he will set up a forum for CEC discussions. Do you have some idea of what should be included and can you suggest or descibe the most often violated rules you have discovered while making home inspections.

    Is there room for commercial and electrical safety there too?


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