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    Attempting to otherwise marvel at its simplicity and elegance. You will be proving to the rest of us, once and for all, with your technical BS, unfounded safety concerns or quotes of some antiquated useless code... that you are indeed a BooB. You must look at this as if it were a piece of art... perhaps a cave painting and live vicariously through the eyes of the pioneer that had to forge his way into damnable modern age.

    I have come across over a dozen 110volt systems, but this is a winner. For you purists out there, it can't get any better.

    A little background: 2700 sqft victorian home; knob and tube (some buried in the attic insulation); enough blown fuses lying around to fill a 5 gallon bucket; New 2 year old overhead service connection from the pole to the main fuse block (hehe); 7 bedroom multi family unit.

    God Bless America!

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    I have to agree it is beautiful in it's own way. I haven't seen one similar in at least 5+ years. We used to have similar all over around here.
    Nice pics
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    I must admit that I never put any of those in, but I have pulled many of those out and re-wired with NM cable.

    Many of those were, indeed, and in their time, works of art. Others were, well, like so much today, just crap in their day and only got worse over time.

    There always were first class craftsman in the trade and there always will be, however, on the flip side, there always were slobs in the trade who did not do anything near correct and there always will be.

    Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of the former and more and more of the latter.

    Back then it was " *I* am an *electrician* " (same with plumbers, roofers, carpenters, etc.), but today it is 'WTF - where is my paycheck?'

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