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    Some of favorite statements from sellers...and my responses.
    1. "It always been like that since I bought the place" - "Always doesn't make it right."
    2. "Wouldn't that be grandfathered in?" - "Perhaps, but lets ask him."
    3. "I've never had a problem with my FPE panel." - "And you won't until it fails."
    4. "In 50 years I never had to have my septic tank pumped" - "That's wonderful, all that money you saved can go towards its' replacement."

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    Default Re: Seller Responses

    "Your not going to find any termites at my house, its been treated by Orkin (or Terminix)."- "Wished you hadn't said that. You just cursed the house cause I know I'm going to find active termites."


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    Default Re: Seller Responses

    " I wouldn't worry about the termites...the Radon will them."

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    " Buy My Agent said All that Stuff was Cosmetic. " ( Damage. )

    It Might have Choked Artie But it ain't gone'a choke Stymie! Our Gang " The Pooch " (1932)
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    Seller meeting you at the door. They said you were a deal KILLER
    and hard to get along with.



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    Default Re: Seller Responses

    "I did all the work myself"

    Alton Darty
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    You won't find anything wrong in my house. My husband is an ICC certified building inspector

    I kill myself sometimes

    By the way. That was told to me by a woman 2 weeks ago when I entered the home.

    Close but no cigar.

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    Only a quick one --
    When the seller says "My inspector didn't find anything wrong when I bought it a few months/ a year ago/ a couple of years ago. You won't either."

    My response? (smiling) Sounds great. I'd like my job to go more smoothly today!

    What do I REALLY want to say? "I'm not responsible for the competence -- or possibly the lack thereof -- of the inspector you chose. Nor am I responsible for anyone who worked on the home since then. That includes you, no matter how many episodes of HGTV or DIY Network you watched. So please don't call me to complain that "your inspector" never made mention of the things I write up.

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    How about....

    It doesn't have to be replaced if it's still working.

    I came across a 30 yr. old furnace today, significant rust flakes, chips on the burners, no doubt the heat exchanger is gone. About as much as a slam dunk replacement as could be

    Seller indicates to agent who relates to buyer that they are not replacing it because it's working. I told the buyer "The unit working is not the only consideration"

    You gotta love sellers


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