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    Question Home Inspection on rainy days?

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to this profession so forgive me for my ignorance on this but I have been wondering about this for some time now. How do you guys handle doing a home inspection when it rains? I wouldn't think you would be able to do as good of a job because of it, especially on the outside. Do you often reschedule or just go with it and do the best you can? What about having to disclose to the buyer that due to the weather your inspection of the exterior and roof was hindered? You don't walk on a roof when it's raining do you? I know there can be some benefits as well, like catching an active roof leak in the attic and such. But if I was a home buyer, I would want the conditions conducive to having the best inspection possible. What are your thoughts? Thanks guys for all of the help and advice you give on here!

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    If I didn't work in the rain, I wouldn't work much.
    I do walk roofs when it rains; it depends on your level of experience what you will feel comfortable with. New roofs are much easier--- be careful when/ if walking an algae covered roof that has a decent slope.
    The rain hinders part of the inspection, but helps in ways as well. I wish I could recreate all 4 seasons during the inspection--- it would make it much easier to catch everything.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?


    You do it like you would do any other inspection ... in the heat ... in the cold ... in the wind ... in the rain ... in the snow (okay, snow days may be different, but you disclaim what you cannot see) ...

    The only things which stopped me (I was in South Florida) were Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, other than that, the main had to go through ... er ... I mean the inspection had to go on.

    Many times you will find that your inspection date is the last date of the inspection clause, meaning *there is no such thing as postponing it* unless it can be accommodated contractually.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    Rains don't stop myself.

    Great time to verify roof leaks, poor drainage, blocked downspout and guttering issues, water penetration around windows.....

    I carry a very large umbrella and still walk the entire house perimeter and take pictures.

    Extra pair of shoes is a must.

    If it is just raining to hard, I might not walk the roof but I'll inspect it from the ladder at the drip edge.

    Do I get wet, not really as I wear one of those cheap parkas like you wear at the stadium.


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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    Unless they are covered in moss, I don't find the grip on composition roofs that much different when they are wet (with grippy shoes) the determining factor wet/or dry remains my comfort level with the pitch.

    As for the rest of the exterior, aside from keeping my tools and camera dry, no big deal. On the plus side, gutter leaks, clogged downspouts, etc, etc show up nicely in the rain and, of course, roof leaks in the attic. I can't say I actually enjoy inspecting in a heavy downpour but I don't think the inspection suffers at all.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    Do the inspection as planned, inspecting what you can.
    In the report state what was not inspected, why, and when you will be back.
    (or hold the report untill compleated)
    When the weather allows, return and inspect the areas you were unable to inspect.
    You have made every effort to keep the inspection on time.
    You are less likley to lose the job.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    I did an inspection the last rain we had. The other inspector heard it was going to rain the next day and cancelled the inspection. He said it hindered his ability to inspect.

    As Rick said there is so much you can see in the rain. Little cracks in foundations are highlighted, grading and drainage, roof leak and bad flashing etc. If the roof is not steep (don't walk them anyway) I always go on the roof in the rain. Good gripping shoes make a big difference and not really any different on a standard shingle roof in the rain anyway.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    Thanks guys! I thought that was the case, I just wanted to make sure.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection on rainy days?

    IMO, rain is fine. If it is pouring, do what you can inside until it lets up. I have only had two (out of many) rainy inspections that were pouring so hard I had to return at a later time. That was because of the low visibilty and seriously drenching rain.

    However, if it is a thunderstorm, don't forget the very real danger of lightning.


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