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    Default Squeezed in a few on Sunday

    The family took a long weekend and headed to the coast for some R&R. Stayed in a lodge built in 1939. Like most buildings that age, it had been tinkered with. Our "suite" had origionally been 3 rooms. They cut a hole in the wall between two rooms and made them adjoining. The third room was divided and became a bath on one side and a galley kitchen on the other. A window had been closed up in one room because they added a hallway. Attached are a few pics from the lodge.

    Sunday on the drive home we stopped by three older buildings. One was in the news in 2000 when the National Park Service moved it 1500 feet inland so it would not be washed away. The all white one is the Ocracoke, the spiral stripe is the Hatterus, and the alternateing stripe is the Bodie Island.

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