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    Default Nashville TN Home Inspector needs prayers

    A long time Nashville TN home inspector, Steve Traylor was involved in a head on collision while riding his motorcycle this past Sunday evening.

    Steve is in the Vanderbilt hospital trauma unit and is to undergo surgery today on his back to stabilize it. Steve is a member of the Middle TN ASHI Chapter and is just one heck of nice guy. He is a soft spoken family guy who enjoys the outdoors and riding his bike in the hills around Nashville. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Steve has a Facebook page and many have already left "get well" messages on it. Login | Facebook

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    Default Re: Nashville TN Home Inspector needs prayers

    my prayers are with him, God bless


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    Default Re: Nashville TN Home Inspector needs prayers

    Thank you for sharing, Scott. He will certainly be in my prayers.

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    Default Re: Nashville TN Home Inspector needs prayers

    I just inspected a home for buyer where the seller is long time (1991) survivor of a head on mtorcycle/pickup head on accident. A year in nthe hospital. Another couple years for partial rehab. 6 years of serious depression over multiple concerns due to the accident. 8 years to get a four year degree and then they claimed this poor guy (you would have to meet him) was no longer handicapped and eliigable for assistants. He worked for a couple years just making it and managed to buy a home and then lost that job and went thru three more. This guy cannot hold a job (you would have to meet him). Now of course he is now out of a home, no job, no income and not 2 cents in his pocket.

    Oh yeah. This guy graduated high school the day before the accident. Foot ball star. High grades. Had his life laid out for him, and then, well, the accident.

    Yes pray for these folks and while you are at it throw a blanket prayer out there for all the folks in this position.


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